What Is the Best Way to Hang a Heavy Mirror?


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To hang a heavy mirror, screw half of a French cleat into two wall studs, attach the other half to the back of the mirror, and set the mirror on the wall. This 20-minute process requires a partner, a French cleat, screws, a drill, a pencil and a stud finder.

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  1. Locate the studs

    Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs, and mark them lightly in pencil.

  2. Attach half of the French cleat to the studs

    Screw half of the French cleat into the studs so that its slanted edge points up.

  3. Attach the second half of the cleat to the mirror

    Attach the second half of the cleat to the back of the mirror, following the instructions on the cleat's packaging. The slanted edge of the cleat must face down.

  4. Hang the mirror

    Lift the mirror with the help of a partner. Slowly place it against the wall, and lower it until the two halves of the French cleat lock together. Do not release the mirror until you feel certain that the cleat is fully engaged. Take several steps away from the mirror, and evaluate its placement. If it is crooked, have your partner help you nudge the mirror into place.

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