What Is the Way to Grow Succulents?


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Growing succulent plants is rather simple, as they are hardy, can adapt almost anywhere, grow in small amounts of soil, need little moisture and require minimal care. From the plant nursery, succulent plants can simply be planted directly in well-drained soils under plenty of sunshine or be planted in pots and containers.

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Succulent plants come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Their unusual appearance, coupled with bold foliage in some varieties, makes them one of the favorite ornamental plants among garden hobbyists and horticulturalists. While botanists use the term succulent to include cacti plants, horticulturalists do not.

Step 1: Choose where to plant the succulents

Since succulent plants thrive in sunny conditions, it will be a good idea to choose a spot in the garden that gets plenty of sunshine. Some species, such as Cotyledons and Sempervivums, also thrive in partly shaded areas.

Step 2: Check for drainage

Make sure the spot that was chosen is well-drained as succulents prefer dry soil — wet soil will kill them.

Step 3: Position the succulents

Plant the tallest succulent at the center and surround it with the smaller species.

Step 4: Add a layer of mulch

Use pebbles or small rocks to top the area and act as mulch. This layer will help prevent the growth of weeds, keep the moisture in and help evaporate excess moisture.

Step 5: Caring for the succulents

Water the plants very sparingly as they get all the moisture they need from rainfall. Treat the plants with controlled-release fertilizer during spring or summer when they are actively growing.

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