What Is the Best Way to Grow Aloe Plants?


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The best way to grow aloe plants is in cactus potting soil, as the two species are similar and thrive best in warm, dry environments. If cactus soil is unavailable, substitute it with a conventional potting soil supplemented with perlite, building sand or granite grit.

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Although it is unnecessary to fertilize aloe plants, some owners may decide to do so anyway. In this case, fertilize the aloe only once a year, during springtime, and use a phosphorus-heavy variety that it is both water-based and limited to half-strength. If the aloe is being grown indoors, it still needs to receive plenty of sunlight to achieve optimal growth. Consequently, place the plants where the light is brightest and most enduring, usually in south or west-facing windows of the home.

When watering aloe plants, first allow the soil to dry thoroughly, and then add the water until the soil is drenched. However, it is critical that drainage holes be supplied in the bottom of the vessel so that the water runs freely and quickly. Aloe plants suffer dramatically if exposed to standing water. If the climate is not too mild, consider allowing the aloe to spend summers outdoors on the patio or porch, where older plants may even bloom their characteristic coral flowers.

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