What Is the Best Way to Eliminate Weeds From a Yard?


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A small-pressure sprayer with diluted herbicide is one of the best ways to spot kill weeds. Other options are spraying large areas of the yard with a dial sprayeror hand pulling weeds.

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Keeping weeds under control is a constant battle for the homeowner. There are many plants that grow fast in the yard and are very prolific. Homeowners who want to maintain a perfect green yard need to take care of weeds as soon as they appear among the grass.

Using a liquid or powdered herbicide in a small to medium-size sprayer is an effective, low energy solution to weeds. The sprayer allows for more control over the application of the herbicide. Plus, it keeps homeowners from having to get down on hands and knees to de-weed. Yards with widespread weed infestations may need to take a scorched Earth approach with a dial sprayer containing a broadleaf herbicide. Broadleaf herbicides kill any plants with leaves, so be careful in their application. Itcould accidentally kill trees, bushes and flowersif the herbicide gets on them.

If only a few weeds are present in the yard, or homeowners want to avoid chemicals, handpulling is likely the best choice. Mulching around gardens and trees helps keep weeds out of those locations.

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