What Is the Best Way to Eliminate Flying Ants in a Shower Stall?

What Is the Best Way to Eliminate Flying Ants in a Shower Stall?

The best way to eliminate flying ants in a shower stall is to locate and block the entrance that the ants are using to get inside, then swat the ants or spray them with ant spray to kill them. Soapy water also works to kill ants.

Flying ants can find their way into houses through openings around windows and doors. They may be attracted to the moisture in a shower stall, particularly if there has been a draught in their natural habitat.

Look for signs that indicate an entrance that the ants are using, and spray it with soapy water or boric acid, which kills ants when they eat it. They also carry the boric acid back to their colonies, where it kills the other ants.

Try to locate the nest and exterminate the ants living in it to prevent further infestation of your home. To locate the nest, look outside your home for an anthill or other signs of an infestation.

Flying ants are those that are the reproductive ants of the colony. They are typically only seen once during the year, during their mating season. If you continually see large numbers of ants, winged or wingless, in your home, call an exterminator to help eliminate the problem.