What Is the Best Way to Cover a Basement Floor?


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The best way to cover a concrete basement floor is to use several coats of heavy concrete floor paint, according to San Francisco Gate's Krista Sheehan. This durable epoxy paint is designed to cover concrete and holds up well under heavy foot traffic. Five coats of concrete floor paint mimic the look of vinyl flooring at a fraction of the price.

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For an easy, attractive look, begin with a thick coat of paint in a light, neutral color such as cream. When it dries, apply a darker paint. Swirl three more paint colors over the wet second coat, and let the floor dry for several days. The swirling, random color patterns are visually interesting and camouflage dirt, dust and scuff marks.

House Logic reveals that moisture seepage is a serious problem in many basements and must be addressed before painting or otherwise covering the floor. The simplest way to test for seeping floors is to use duct tape to attach a one-foot square of plastic sheeting to the floor. Leave the sheeting undisturbed for 48 hours, then remove it and inspect the floor for moisture. If the floor is moist, fix the leakage before covering it.

Cleveland.com columnist Roxanne Washington explains that painting is not the only way to cover an ugly concrete basement floor. Artificial wood planks look elegant and expensive, but they are actually affordable and easy to install without professional help. Like paint, however, these planks are not suitable for seeping floors.

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