What Is the Best Way to Clean Windows?

way-clean-windows Credit: Photograph by Juha Loukola/Moment/Getty Images

The best way to clean windows is not with a commercially prepared window cleaning solution, but with dish soap and water. You also need a single-edge razor, a window scrubber, a squeegee, a chamois, a bucket and old rags.

  1. Mix the solution

    Fill a bucket with warm water and add a squirt of dish soap. Mix the liquids, but try to avoid making excess suds.

  2. Wet the window scrubber

    Dip the scrubber into the solution, and squeeze most of the liquid back into the bucket. If your windows have small panes, use a sponge instead of the scrubber. Apply the solution to the windows.

  3. Remove the water

    Use the squeegee to wipe down the windows and remove the soap suds. Start at the top left and make a reverse "S" pattern. Wipe the blade of the squeegee clean at the end of each stroke. When finished with the squeegee, use the chamois to dry the edges of the window. Wipe the windowsill using old towels. For small-pane windows, purchase a squeegee to fit the panes.

  4. Remove remaining spots with a razor

    If spots remain after cleaning, use a single-edge razor blade as a scraper to remove the material to avoid scrubbing. Scrape while the window is still wet, and use caution, as the blade is sharp. Wipe the area with the chamois to polish the glass.