What Is the Best Way to Clean a Suede Jacket?

way-clean-suede-jacket Credit: jenny downing/CC-BY 2.0

One of the best ways to clean a suede jacket is to rub the surface with a suede brush to bring up the nap, remove marks with a suede eraser and restoring the nap with a suede brush. It's important to check the item for any instructions regarding cleaning.

Suede must be cleaned carefully, because the nap is easy to damage. If a suede brush is not available, a clean bath towel can bring up the nap. A pencil eraser or crepe rubber works instead of a suede eraser to clean small, dry marks.

Small, wet stains should be blotted gently with a paper towel. Severe stains, such as oil, ink, blood or food, require special care and may require professional cleaning. These should be blotted extra carefully so as not to spread the stain deeper into the suede.

Oily stains can be removed with degreaser suede cleaner and a small brush, such as a nail brush or toothbrush. After the item is clean and dry, spraying it every six months with spray designed for suede or leather provides extra protection. Brush the suede regularly to keep it looking nice.

If a stain is very large or problematic, it is best to take the jacket to a professional cleaner.