What Is the Best Way to Clean Rubber Floor?

way-clean-rubber-floor Credit: BanksPhotos/E+/Getty Images

For debris such as dirt or pet hair, the best way to clean a rubber floor is using a broom or a vacuum. For scuffs or stains, using a mild soap and water solution is the best choice. A vinegar and water solution also works well.

Rubber floors are very durable and stand up well to high traffic. It is also very difficult to damage or stain rubber tiles. Because they can take a lot of wear and tear, vacuums are perfectly safe for removing loose items that are littering the floor.

Occasionally, rubber floors may scuff, or a spot may form. Mixing 1 cup of mild soap or dish washing liquid into 1 gallon of water makes the perfect mixture for mopping. A standard mop removes most spots. More stubborn spots can be tackled with a sponge. The soap solution can also be left on the floor for several minutes before the sponge is used. Vinegar can be substituted for soap for a natural alternative.

A shiny post cleaning finish can be added to the floor by securing a towel to a mop head and running it over the floor to remove residue that may be left behind by soap. It is important not to attempt to clean rubber floors for at least 3 days after they are installed so that the adhesive may fully set.