What Is the Best Way to Clean a Restroom?


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To clean a restroom, first clear it of any clutter or trash, dust any surfaces that do not get wet regularly, and then proceed to clean all surfaces including any fixtures. Use your preferred brand of disinfectant cleaner for the porcelain, and glass cleaner for any windows or sliding glass doors. A specialized cleaner for lime buildup around fixtures can be purchased at a grocery or hardware store.

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When cleaning the bathroom's surfaces, start with the fixtures; anything that needs to be disinfected should be saved for last. To get the shower head clean, soak it in a bag of white vinegar overnight. To clean lime buildup around fixtures, use a specialized cleaner or take a more natural approach by using a mineral cleanser or white vinegar. Work in a well-ventilated space, as inhaling fumes from these cleansers can be harmful.

Clean glass with glass cleanser and either a paper towel or soft cloth. Many bath towels do not have smooth surfaces and may leave streaks if used to clean glass. Scrub mildew off grout using a mildew brush and a mixture of 10 parts water to one part bleach.

To clean the toilet, pour a bit of disinfectant into the toilet water first to help dissolve stubborn stains so you can remove them more easily later with a toilet brush. Always use paper towels and disinfectant to clean the outside of the toilet, and always start with the flush handle to avoid re-contaminating it. Dispose of the paper towels in the wastebasket, and then empty it when you are done cleaning.

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