What Is the Best Way to Clean Plexiglas?


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The best way to clean Plexiglas is by using a small amount of liquid dish washing detergent, a set of clean soft cloths and a set of clean soft sponges. The Plexiglas should first be cleaned with the soft cloth and then the soft sponge for tougher stains.

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The process for cleaning Plexiglas begins by combining 1 or 2 tablespoons of liquid dish washing detergent with 1 or 2 gallons of warm water in a clean bucket. The measurements can be increased or decreased depending on the size of the Plexiglas that requires cleaning. Thoroughly wet a soft cloth in the solution, and wipe it over the Plexiglas. If the cloth becomes soiled, use the reverse side or a new cloth. Always ensure the cloth is wet as a dry cloth presses the dirt into the surface.

After using the cloth over the surface of the Plexiglas, soak a soft sponge in the solution and use it to clean the remaining soiled areas. As a soft sponge is slightly more abrasive than a soft cloth, it should remove the more difficult stains. Be sure to rinse the sponge continually to remove debris and keep it wet. Finish by soaking a new soft cloth in clean water and rinsing the Plexiglas.

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