What Is the Best Way to Clean My Jacuzzi Bathtub?


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The best way to clean a Jacuzzi bathtub is to use a low-sudsing dishwasher detergent and bleach, according to The Fun Times Guide. It is important to check the bathtub's manual first to see the manufacturer's recommendation.

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What Is the Best Way to Clean My Jacuzzi Bathtub?
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Ensure that there is no air induction by closing the air controls on the individual jets, advises Fun Times Guide. However, some air tub manufacturers suggest opening the air controls completely, so check the manual first to confirm the right method for your particular Jacuzzi bathtub. Next, submerge the jets with 2 to 3 inches of water.

Pour two tablespoons of a low-sudsing dishwasher detergent and half a cup of bleach. You can either add the detergent and bleach in one step, or use the detergent first, and then clean again using bleach. Alternatively, use a cup of white vinegar or a commercial jet tub cleaner that is specifically designed for cleaning jetted air tubs. Allow the jets to run for 15 minutes, and then drain the tub. Refill it with water up to 3 inches above the jets. Run the jets for 10 minutes to wash them properly.

The last step is draining the water and wiping down the tub and nozzles using a soft cloth, says Fun Times Guide. Use a Q-tip to reach the crevices around the nozzles. To prevent diseases associated with biofilm, which is a residue in the plumbing lines infested with bacteria, use a product designed to get rid of it.

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