What Is the Best Way to Clean Drywall Dust?

way-clean-drywall-dust Credit: GeorgePeters/E+/Getty Images

The best way to remove drywall dust is to use a broom to sweep away as much of the dust as possible. Typically it will only take a few minutes to remove drywall dust.

It’s a good idea to wear a mask when sweeping. A broom should be used to brush the walls and get into the nooks and crannies. The dust can be swept into a dustpan and tossed into the garbage. You may need to go over the floors a few times to get all the dust, as sweeping will kick some of the dust up in the air. Be sure to wait 15 minutes between each sweeping so the dust can settle. Once the majority of the dust is gone, a shop vac can be used on the floor and walls to remove the remainder of the larger dust particles. The floors should be mopped and the walls can be washed down with a damp sponge using a solution of warm water and a product that is safe for wood. Surfaces should be washed several times until they are free of dust.