What Is the Best Way to Clean Diamond Plate?

way-clean-diamond-plate Credit: john romans/E+/Getty Images

The best way to clean diamond plate is to wash the surface thoroughly using a non-detergent car wash soap, according to Mid City Steel. After washing, the diamond plate should be rinsed and dried immediately to prevent staining or etching of the surface. Diamond plate is an aluminum or steel plating often used to line truck beds or catwalks to provide additional traction.

The time between cleaning can be extended, according to Mid City Steel, by applying a layer of wax over the cleaned diamond plate. It's also good to remove any water from the plate's surface as soon as possible, as standing droplets of water can cause physical damage to the plate, especially when combined with direct sunlight.

If the diamond plate shows signs of staining, etching or water marks, a specialized cleanser may be necessary to clean the surface to a like-new appearance. A metal cleaner or polish may be able to remove signs of staining. For polishing, a buffer is recommended. As with the car wash soap, any metal cleaner or polish should be dried thoroughly as soon as possible to prevent damage. Continuous use of harsher cleaners or buffing with polish can abrade the surface of the plate, shortening its life.