What Is the Best Way to Clean Corian Counters?


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Corian counters can be cleaned with a soap or cloth and soapy water; using a circular cleaning motion and only dampening the surface can prevent streaks. Ammonia-based cleaners also work, as do commercial cleaners labeled as being safe to use on Corian surfaces.

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What Is the Best Way to Clean Corian Counters?
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Corian counters are nonporous and require no sealing, which makes them safer than other countertop material. However, those looking to disinfect their counters can use a heavily diluted solution of bleach mixed with water. Gloves should be worn while wiping the counter with this solution. Although bacteria is unlikely to grow on a Corian countertop, disinfecting it after cutting chicken or other meats can prevent salmonella and other infections.

Corian is not as hard as granite and other countertop materials, and one of the main disadvantages of Corian countertops is their susceptibility to small scratches. However, this softness also allows owners to use sandpaper to remove scratches. Since Corian is such a popular countertop material, local professionals may offer countertop refurbishing surfaces for particularly deep scratches.

Countertops made of Corian are susceptible to damage from heat, so it's important to ensure that hot pots and pans are not placed directly on the counter. Repairing heat damage can be difficult, but professionals may be able to restore a countertop that's been damaged.

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