What Is the Best Way to Clean an Air Vent on a Maytag Dryer?

What Is the Best Way to Clean an Air Vent on a Maytag Dryer?

Maytag recommends cleaning the air vent on its dryers at the intake screen, through the ducting and at the outside vent cover. With the dryer moved and the ducting unattached, the ducting through the wall to the outside is accessible for brushing and vacuuming.

A quarter-inch drill, a large appliance brush, a screwdriver, a socket driver and a vacuum cleaner are needed to clean the ducts. A dust mask may be needed if allergies are an issue.

The first step ensures the exhaust vent inside the dryer is vacuumed and free of obstructions. Its location is available in the owner's manual for a particular model. With the dryer away from the wall, loosen the nut that secures the duct clamp to the dryer to release the clamp and free the duct. Pinch the spring clamp at the wall to separate its other end.

Next, attach the appliance brush to the drill, and thoroughly vacuum the exhaust port into the dryer, the floor, the inside of the duct and the duct port to the outdoors. The final step is clearing any debris and lint from the outdoor vent cover.

Maintaining an unobstructed air flow prevents fire, a serious risk with any dryer. Lint is a highly flammable material that accumulates in all of the nooks and crannies of a dryer's air system. Air duct cleaning should occur every two years at a minimum.