What Is the Best Way to Get Cigarette Smoke Out of Car Fabric?


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Removing cigarette smoke from the fabric in your car isn't always easy. The odor may remain in the vent system even if you thoroughly clean the fabric. These steps eliminate most of the smell.

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What Is the Best Way to Get Cigarette Smoke Out of Car Fabric?
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  1. Vacuum the fabrics

    Remove any trash from the car, and vacuum the upholstery and carpets. Consider replacing floor mats that often hold a lot of the smell. Don't forget to vacuum the headliner and the trunk.

  2. Steam clean the fabrics

    Use an enzymatic cleaning product with a steam cleaner to shampoo the upholstery, carpets and headliner of the car. If there's carpet in the trunk, shampoo it as well.

  3. Clean all hard surfaces

    Use an all-purpose cleaner that contains ammonia to wipe down the dash, doorposts, steering wheel and any other hard parts of the interior of the car. Clean all glass using ammonia-based glass cleaner.

  4. Open the windows

    Park the car in a place where it's safe to open the windows. If possible, choose a sunny location. Allow the upholstery to dry and the car to air out as much as possible.

  5. Clean the ventilation system

    Spray a deodorizer into the air conditioning and heating intake. It is located outside the car, on the passenger side, just below the windshield. Turn on the fan and keep spraying until the smoke smell is gone. Turn the heater to high and repeat to deodorize the heater core.

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