What Is the Best Way to Build a Windmill?

The best way to build a windmill is to determine the amount of energy you require, make a blade by cutting four pieces from a 6-inch PVC pipe and then attach three of the blades to the generator. The fourth blade should act as a spare part.

You need a 30-volt Ametek motor, heavy aluminum sheet, 10-foot steel conduit, PVC pipe and 3-foot two-by-four. Before attaching the blade to the generator, shape it into a rectangular base, and cut it at a lengthwise angle to make it resemble an airplane wing. Attach the heavy aluminum sheet upright to the back of the two-by-four to create a wind vane.

Connect the blades to a round hub at equal distances from each other. Make sure the hub has a hole large enough to fit the wind generator motor shaft. The hub also needs enough space to screw the PVC pipe blades. Line up and space the blades towards the hub center, and screw two nuts on each blade.

Mount the generator motor and tail to the 10-foot steel conduit to make a windmill pole. Connect the wind generator motor to an external controller. To plug in appliances, connect the battery and inverter. Run a cable from the motor via the conduit pipe hole to the external controller.