What Is the Best Way to Build a Bedroom Closet?

way-build-bedroom-closet Credit: Steven Miric/E+/Getty Images

Regardless of whether the design is for a very basic bedroom closet or a more intricate one, the construction process follows the same basic steps: choosing a place, building the frame and finishing the closet. Make sure proper measurements have been made.

  1. Choose a place: Make sure that wherever you decide to put the closet it is not going to encumber movement or detract from needed floor space.
  2. Measure: Take the measurements of the ideal closet space to determine the quantity of materials needed.
  3. Remove the trim and carpet: Carpet will need to be installed after construction.
  4. Build the frame: This involves putting the skeleton of the closet together. Typically, this is done with 2x4 planks, which are nailed or screwed together, and then attached to the walls, ceiling and floor.
  5. Finish: Once the skeleton is in place, add the outer layer. Choose a veneer closet to have and personalize it. Add the doors, and affix the outer shell to the framing lumber.

Each closet is different and will require different levels of skill and effort to accomplish.