What Is the Best Way to Apply Concrete Sealer?

What Is the Best Way to Apply Concrete Sealer?

Using a concrete sealer can help extend the look of concrete surfaces, making it easy to wash off dirt and substances. The sealer acts as a repellent and stops dirt and grime from embedding in the pores of the concrete. Proper application assures the floor maintains its seal.

  1. Prepare the surface

    After selecting the proper type concrete sealer (speak to a specialist if unsure), clean the entire concrete surface of oil, dirt and past sealers. Old residues interfere with the ability of the new sealant to adhere properly.

  2. Apply the sealer

    Follow any specific directions on the product to apply the sealer. It is best to use a sprayer for application, as spraying creates a thin, even seal over the surface. Rollers are not recommended because they often create bubbles, causing the sealer to crack and split.

  3. Allow curing time

    It is critical to let the newly sealed concrete dry entirely. Proper ventilation allows the surface to dry quickly and evenly.