How Do You Waterproof a Basement From the Inside?


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Waterproof a basement from the inside by sealing any cracks in the floors or walls with hydraulic cement and painting the walls with a sealant. Apply an epoxy finish to the basement floor to prevent water from seeping through the concrete. If attempts to prevent water from leaking with sealant fail, add a drain system and sump pump to prevent flooding.

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Cracks that form as a house settles or around pipes in the basement provide a direct channel from the ground to the inside of the basement. Hydraulic cement helps to seal these cracks. It dries under water, so there is no need to wait until the water source dries up before installing the filler. It also expands as it dries, helping to seal the cracks and openings tightly.

Basement sealer is a paint-on substance that stops water from moving through the pores of the cement or blocks that form the wall. Follow the manufacturer's directions, and apply the sealer using a paint roller. Other preventative measures include directing water from gutter downspouts away from the basement walls or installing dry wells to disperse the water away from the basement.

If attempts to seal the basement do not eliminate the water problem, install a drain system and sump pump. The drain system collects the water as it enters the walls and directs it to a drain pipe under the floor that leads to the sump pit. Once the water level triggers the pump, it lifts the water outside of the house.

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