How Do You Waterproof a Basement?

How Do You Waterproof a Basement?

Waterproof a basement by ensuring all water is directed away from the foundation of the house, filling any cracks with hydraulic cement and painting the inside of the walls with waterproof masonry cement. Install a sump pump to prevent basement floods from ruining the area.

  1. Direct water away from the foundation of the house

    Install flexible extensions to the end of downspouts to ensure water drains away from the home. In areas where the landscape does not allow water to flow away, bury PVC extensions that lead to drywells several yards away from the house to allow the water to disperse.

  2. Fill any cracks in the wall

    Use hydraulic cement to fill any cracks in the walls. This product expands inside the cracks to fill and seal the cracks to prevent leaks from allowing water inside the basement.

  3. Paint the walls with waterproof cement

    Apply a waterproofing product to the inside of the walls. Choose a product that you apply using a paintbrush for easy application.

  4. Install a sump pump

    Certain weather conditions cause flooding of basements that rarely leak. Install a sump pump to ensure you direct any water collecting in the basement away from the house. Check the pump regularly to ensure it is ready to work in an emergency.