What Is Waterline Pool Tile?


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Waterline pool tile is a strip of decorative tile set between the edge of the pool, known as the coping, and the water level of the pool. Waterline pool tile comes in a variety of styles, including solid colors, patterns, mosaics and specially designed decorative tiles.

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Pool tiles are generally made from porcelain and glass. Both materials provide an easier-to-clean surface when compared to exposed concrete. Pool tile arrangement possibilities are nearly endless, so owners can create a one-of-a-kind look. Mosaic tiles, which are tiles under 100 millimeters in size, are the smallest type of tile available for waterline tiling and are integral to most complex designs. Popular pattern designs using mosaic tiles include diamond, square, stripe, and helix shapes and Greek-inspired patterns.

Porcelain tile is favorable to stone in pool applications due to the fact that ceramic does not retain heat from the sun the same way stone does. Glass produces a more decorative and luxurious look but requires a great deal of craftsmanship to install, which can result in higher upfront costs when compared to ceramic. Both materials also make favorable options for pool deck paving material. When considering lining or covering a pool in tile of any kind, consult with more than one contractor and ask for examples of past work.

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