What Are Some Waterfall Design Ideas?


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Some waterfall design ideas include a series of rock waterfalls, a contemporary fountain-and-fire waterfall, a tiered waterfall and a simple copper shelf waterfall. A homeowner can opt for a natural look with a waterfall that flows over boulders and through a forest-inspired landscape complete with a fallen-tree bridge.

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For sloping lawns, a tiered waterfalls or series of waterfalls works well. For instance, a series of flat stones can be stacked in varying levels from the top of the hill, culminating in a pond just below a retaining wall. This also works along a more gentle slope bordered by round white stones, giving the waterfall a gently rolling stream look. This layered looks works for small areas and ponds and can flow seamlessly into a swimming pool.

Other waterfall design ideas are to add two waterfalls to a rocky creek area to give the landscape a woodsy look or to place the water feature by a patio. Waterfalls can have a more modern, less rustic feel with tile walls and vintage copper shelves. For example, a lowered wall on an above-ground pool can allow for a wide waterfall along one side that falls into a lower tiled pool. Another contemporary idea is a combined water and fire feature with the fire on top of a tiled wall and the waterfall flowing down it.

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