What Is a WaterBoss Water Softener?

A WaterBoss water softener is a water filtration device that removes calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate and minerals from hard water. The WaterBoss is a whole-house water softener with a built-in dirt and sediment filter. WaterBoss claims this feature makes it the most efficient retail water softener available, as of 2015.

WaterBoss softens water, making it more pleasant-tasting and less likely to leave behind residue in pipes, on clothing or on human skin. The device works by filtering hard water through a network of resin beads. The hard ions of the water switch places with the soft ions of the resin beads, resulting in soft water. When the resin beads become charged with hard ions, a mixture of water and concentrated regenerate fluid is flushed through the filter, restoring the beads' softening power.

WaterBoss claims to reduce dirt and sediment to less than 20 microns, rendering them invisible to the human eye. Not only is it a compact system with the same filtration capacity of its full-sized counterparts, but it also requires less salt, less water and less regeneration time than a full-sized system. WaterBoss claims that soft water improves the flavor of food and beverages, keeps dishes and surfaces cleaner, and extends the life of clothing up to 30 percent.