How Do You Water a Jade Plant?


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When watering a jade plant, avoid over-watering it. Check the plant frequently to see if it needs more water, without allowing it to dry out completely. Adjust its watering schedule according to season.

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  1. Avoid over-watering

    Jade plants can often go for weeks without watering and require less water during the winter months. Over-watering a jade plant may cause it to shrivel up, as if it had been deprived of water.

  2. Check the plant often

    A strict watering schedule is not advisable, due to the impact of over-watering. Because the plant's water needs change during the winter months, it's better to check it every couple days without watering it automatically.

  3. Feel the soil and leaves

    Don't add water to a jade plant unless the soil feels slightly dry to the touch. However, avoid allowing it to become too dry between watering sessions. If you're unsure about the soil's condition, feel the leaves with your fingers. Firm leaves indicate that the plant is still full of water. Soft leaves indicate that it needs more.

  4. Empty the saucer

    Add water until it begins draining out the bottom of the pot. Once this occurs, empty the saucer. Allowing excess water to accumulate there is similar to over-watering and may cause the plant's roots to rot.

  5. Reduce watering in the fall and winter

    The fall and winter indicate a dormant period for the jade plant. Cut back slightly on watering during these months.

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