Are Water Ionizers Safe?


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Ionized water is perfectly safe for human consumption; however, doctors and scientists refute claims by ionizer manufactures that ionized water has additional health benefits not found in normal tap or bottled water. Ionization is the process of using electrodes to cause normal tap water to become alkaline.

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Most regular tap water has a neutral pH balance of 7.0l. Acids have a pH below 7.0, while alkaline substances are above 7.0. Water that has been through a ionizer has a pH of anywhere between 8.5 and 9.5. Companies that sell water ionizers claim that ionized water has health benefits that neutralize the effects of acidic foods and ion clusters that can penetrate to areas of the body normal water can't. However, scientists and doctors agree that there are no high-level, peer-reviewed studies that prove this at all, as of 2015.

No matter the pH level of water that is consumed by a human, It almost always leaves the body with a pH of exactly 6.8. In fact, the only proven result of drinking alkaline ionized water is an acid response by the stomach to counteract the pH level of the ionized water. Ionized water is perfectly safe for human consumption but that doesn't necessarily mean there are any health benefits.

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