How Do You Water Dracaena?

The watering needs of dracaena are minimal; they require only a few inches of tepid water approximately once a week. This can be accomplished in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Check the soil with a soil probe

    Insert the probe into the soil. If the soil is dry from one-half to three-fourths of the depth of the pot, the plant needs water.

  2. Water the plant

    Concentrate the water around the cane on young plants. These plants have minimal root development and cannot obtain water from the edges of the pot. Older, more established plants can be watered farther away from the cane. Discontinue the watering when water begins to flow through the pot's drain holes.

  3. Take steps to prevent overwatering

    Inspect the pot for drainage problems. The holes should allow the water to drain into a tray underneath the pot. This prevents problems such as root rot from occurring as a result of overwatering, and it allows the plant roots to have adequate air circulation. Planting the dracaena in a clay pot can achieve the same results.

  4. Watch for signs of underwatering

    Inspect the plant for drooping of the leaves and curling of the leaf edges. This is a signal that the watering requirements of the plant are not being met.