What Do You Do With Water Cooler Bottles When They're Empty?


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For areas where recycling is not available, reuse water cooler bottles in a variety of ways, including planters, coin banks and dock floatation. Obtain empty water cooler bottles from office buildings, schools and repurposing centers.

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To use an empty water cooler bottle as a planter, simply poke one hole on each side of the bottom, allowing for drainage, and remove the top section of the bottle. Paint or decorate the bottle, if desired, and let dry. Proceed by filling the bottle with soil, and add plants, bulbs, seeds or shrubs.

Use empty water cooler bottles as coin banks by either removing the cap, or cutting a slot in the side of the slanted, top section. Cover the bottle with fabric, paint or add other embellishments to match interior furnishings, or allow children to decorate their own banks.

Utilize water cooler bottles for dock floatation instead of foam blocks and metal drums, which can break apart or deteriorate and contaminate water supplies. Fasten bottles to the underside of docks and cat-walks using rope, twine or plastic zip-ties before installing the pieces into the water. For added floatation security, fill the bottles with canned foam insulation before fastening the bottles to the dock.

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