What Is a Waste Oil Burner?


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A waste oil burner is a furnace that uses old, drained oil as fuel for heating garages, shops and homes. Used oil can be purchased from service stations around the country for just pennies on the gallon, making waste oil burners a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to electricity or gas.

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A properly designed heater can effectively burn drained oil and create heat for a fraction of the cost of electric or gas utilities. Most units stand about 4 feet tall and are about 1 foot in diameter. Although waste oil burners are available for sale, there are numerous sources online that show how to build your own waste oil heater for under $40. Such a cheap assembly plus the savings on utilities makes waste oil burners an extremely lucrative alternative.

In addition to the money saving benefits of installing a waste oil burner, there are numerous environmental benefits. The first being the obvious reduction in fossil fuel (petroleum, natural gas, coal) burning that would be associated with creating the electricity or gas needed to use a traditional furnace. The second being the sustainable reusing of oil that still has value but would otherwise be disposed of after just one use.

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