Where Are Waste Disposal Locations?


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Several waste disposal locations include LA Sanitation's Solvents, Automotive, Flammable and Electronics centers in Northridge, in San Pedro, California, and in Los Angeles, and Sarasota Country Waste Management centers has drop-off locations in Sarasota and in Venice, Florida. Specialized centers deal with waste such as glass, plastic, electronics and batteries.

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Where Are Waste Disposal Locations?
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Standard waste disposal locations accept regular garbage and refuse certain types of waste like recyclables, medical waste and automobiles. Recycling centers like Sprint Recycling in Clinton, New York, accept recyclables; medical waste disposing companies like Stericycle in Lake Forest, Illinois, accept bio-hazard waste; junkyards like Gary's U-Pull It in Binghampton, New York, accept automobiles.

Most counties in the United States provide waste disposal services to residents; larger cities like Los Angeles have their own disposal services. The service is always mandatory to ensure cleanliness in the city or county. The cost is covered by the resident and found on the resident's water bill, utility bill or waste disposal bill.

Waste disposal keeps cities clean, prevents the spread of disease and keeps dangerous toxin from contaminating the environment. The general population see the job negatively despite the benefits it provides to society. The nature of waste disposal perpetuates the stereotype that all waste disposal workers are dirty.

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