What Are Some Waste Containers for Residential Use?

What Are Some Waste Containers for Residential Use?

Step, swing-top, fold-in, button-release and butterfly-style trash cans are some waste containers for residential use. Sensor-based touchless trash cans and lidless open-style trash cans are two less common alternatives. You should only use lidless trash cans in environments with limited food waste, such as home offices, to prevent odors.

Unlike open-style trash cans, many step cans feature removable buckets for easy cleaning inside a stainless steel or plastic outer shell. To hold the liners in place, the manufacturer often adds bag-fitting features to ensure a secure fit. A "bag tuck" with rubberized teeth to grip the bags is one such feature.

Step cans and automatic touchless trash cans do not require the user to touch the lid to open them. Swing-top, fold-in, button-release and butterfly-style cans require a touch, so they do not work as well in environments where a user has his hands full, such as a kitchen.

Small kitchen cabinet trash cans hang or be mounted by the homeowner inside a cabinet door, saving space. These containers are small enough to use recycled plastic bags instead of store-bought liners.

Waste containers with airtight seals between the bucket and lid are most suitable for kitchens, and help to prevent fruit flies. Airtight seals also make it harder for dogs to open the lids with their snouts.