What Washing Machines Can Be Used in Apartments?

What Washing Machines Can Be Used in Apartments?

Some apartments have standard washer and dryer hook ups that allow for the use of any washer or dryer that fits, however, in apartments without hook ups, a portable 120 volt washer or dryer is a good option. When space is limited, stackable washer and dryer combos allow for a laundry center in a very small area. Alternatively, combination washer and dryers allow for just one unit to do both jobs.

Apartment dwellers should check with their landlord or read their rental agreement to make sure that washers and dryers are allowed. Standard washers and dryers require a venting system and should never be used without one.

The EdgeStar 2.0 washer and dryer uses a standard electrical outlet, can be used without a venting system and has its own water heater. The GE Spacemaker Washer and Dryer Combo can fit in a standard closet.

Some apartment dwellers may find that a small hand cranked washer saves time and money when only a few garments need to be washed. Lehman's sells small manual pressure washers that can be used anywhere. This is a great option for delicate loads.

Washers and dryers are usually sized from 2.0 to 7.5 cubic feet. If you are living in a small apartment and need to acquire a washer and dryer, it is best to begin your search by selecting the size range that matches your space.