Why Has My Washing Machine Started Making a Funny Noise?


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Funny noises coming from a washing machine usually involve the motor, transmission, belts or the balance of the machine. In the case of a rhythmic banging noise taking place when the washing machine's tub is spinning, the load often lacks balance due to a heavy item lodged on one side.

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An unbalanced load typically bangs during the spin cycle. An easy way to fix an unbalanced load is to turn off the washing machine and open the lid. After the spinning and banging stop, the owner can restore balance by rearranging the items. Spreading out large items such as blankets, towels and robes, and moving the lighter items to balance the load, stops the banging.

Grinding and high-pitched whining that come from the washing machine are not as easy to fix. The transmission, drive belt, motor bearings and drum brakes are all features that cause those types of noises, and unless the owner is experienced in washing machine repair, it's best to call a professional, particularly if the washing machine is still under warranty. Repairing or replacing these items is often complicated, and the cost, if the unit is out of warranty, can approach the price of replacing the machine.

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