How Do I Know If My Washing Machine Is Off Balance?


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The main signs of an unbalanced washing machine are a very loud noise and a machine that may rock, vibrate and move across the floor. A mechanical issue is usually not the cause of an unbalanced washing machine, and in most cases, it is easy to fix at home.

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One way to stop a washing machine that is unbalanced is to ensure the machine does not have too many clothes in it. During the washing cycle, the machine naturally distributes the clothing around the agitator. When too many clothes are in the machine, the machine may become unbalanced.

If the machine is not level on the ground, it may also become unbalanced. The washing machine must be level side to side and front to back, and all of the feet must touch the floor. If the machine can physically rock, it is not level, and this can cause an imbalance. Some machines have a self-leveling feature, but others require leveling with a wrench and carpenter's level.

A washing machine mounted upon a pedestal can cause become unbalanced, too. As the machine shifts, the pedestal may flex, causing the imbalance. Replacing the pedestal with stronger materials or applying a stiffening kit to the pedestal may fix this issue.

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