Why Does a Washing Machine Make Loud Noises?


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Washing machines can make loud noises for many reasons including uneven loads, a failing pump or pump motor, worn drive bell or worn shock absorbers. Therefore, it is necessary to look for additional clues to isolate the problem.

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Isolating the reason that a washing machine is making loud noises can be a process of elimination. It is usually easiest to start with the simplest solution and see if that fixes the problem.

Uneven Loads

Uneven loads can cause the machine to make loud noises, particularly during the spin cycle. If the machine does not normally have a problem, the user may want to open the lid and see if the clothes are evenly distributed. If they are not, then the user can move the clothes around and often times fix the problem.

Pump and Pump Motor

If the pump motor becomes blocked, the washer can make a loud noise. The user needs to locate the pump and see if a foreign object has become entangled in it. The pump's impeller should turn freely.

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