Why Is a Washing Machine Leaking?


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Common causes of washing machine leaks include a problem with the door seal, hoses or valves that need to be replaced, or connection issues. Diagnosing the exact cause of a washing machine leak depends on the location of the leak, the timing of the leak and the washing machine model.

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The most common leak locations are the inlet connections, the hose connectors, the pump, the air dome seal, the center post gasket and the outer tub seal. On older or heavily used machines, damage to the door seal is a common cause of leaks. Replacing the door seal is the most effective solution.

Hoses and valves also become worn out with time or heavy use. Each can be replaced when necessary. If the leak only occurs during the spin cycle, it is usually due to a leak in the drain hose. Valves become damaged if water is left in the washing machine and freezes.

Loose connections can occur on several areas of a washing machine, including the water inlet valve and the hose-faucet connection. Fittings on the back of a washing machine tend to wear out most quickly, causing leaks. Loose connections should be tightened an appropriate amount to troubleshoot the problem.

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