What Is an HE Washing Machine Cleaner?


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The Clorox HE washing machine cleaner contains water, sodium hypochlorite, sodium chloride, cetyl betaine, sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate and sodium xylene sulfonate. The ingredients work to disinfect and remove soils while protecting metal components from corrosion.

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Water is the base ingredient of the product. Sodium hypochlorite is in bleach and is used to disinfect, remove stains and break down clogs. Sodium chloride, or salt, is used to thicken the liquid. Cetyl betaine is used to clean soils, thicken the formula and stabilize foam build-up. Sodium carbonate removes alcohol and grease stains. Sodium hydroxide, or lye, aids in removing oily or acidic stains. Sodium Silicate inhibits corrosion of metal components. Sodium xylene sulfonate stabilizes and thickens the formula.

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