Why Is My Washer Leaking As It Fills?


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Causes of top load washer leaks are a clogged or tilted overflow tube, an improperly secured drain hose, loose connections at the fill hoses, or a hole in the water pump, according to About.com. Causes of front load washer leaks include oversudsing, a punctured door seal and an improperly closed door.

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A person should ensure that the washer is level before tackling a leaking problem, notes About.com. A clogged overflow tube occurs due to oversudsing, which results from using too much detergent or mixing laundry products inappropriately. Oversudsing commonly happens in homes with a water softening system, as softer water requires only a small amount of detergent for effective cleaning. A hose that is not properly secured in the drainpipe can cause a leak at the back of the washer. It is important to insert the hose fully into the standpipe to stop the leak. If the culprit is a loose connection at the fill hoses, they should be replaced if they are not in good shape.

A leak under the washer is possibly caused by a hole in the water pump, in which case the pump should be replaced to prevent water from reaching the motor, states About.com. If the door seal on a front load washer has plenty of soil and soap, the seal can cause a leak at the front of washer. A person should clean the gasket weekly and check for punctures or trapped items.

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