Which Washer and Dryer Have the Highest Ratings From Consumer Reports?

According to Consumer Reports, the best washer and dryer pair as of February 2015 is the Kenmore Elite 41073 front-loader washing machine and the Kenmore Elite 81073 clothes dryer. These two rate highly based on their low noise output and low cost (under $1600).

Consumer Reports looks at washer and dryer pairs within the same brand to determine these results, but the publication states that buying both a washer and a dryer from the same manufacturer may not always yield the best results.

Front-loading washing machines such as the Kenmore Elite 41073 offer a number of benefits that make them attractive to buyers. They use less water than top-loading washers and also spin the fastest. This can result in more savings than top-loading washers provide. While front-loaders tend to give a better washing experience, they are often more expensive than top-loaders.

Features that make the Kenmore Elite 81073 electric clothes dryer an attractive choice include its large capacity, how quiet it runs and the fact that it is energy efficient. Customer reviews on the Consumer Reports website are mixed.

Consumer Reports recommends that buyers consider their individual laundry needs before purchasing a washer and dryer pair. It may be in the consumer's best interest to buy machines from different manufacturers depending on personal needs and usage.