What Are the Best Washer and Dryer Features?


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The best washer and dryer features include a large capacity to hold large loads of laundry and automatic temperature and water controls for water and energy efficiency. The best washers also feature a variety of wash and rinse cycles, while dryers have anti-allergy and sanitization features.

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Larger washers and dryers may occupy a bigger floor space, but can accommodate more laundry in a single cycle, saving time, water and energy. As of 2015, the largest washer is the LG WM8000H[V]A model, which can hold up to 24 pounds of laundry in one load, as compared to 17 pounds or less for smaller washers.

The incorporation of next-generation sensors is a common feature in the best washers and dryers. Auto-load and soil sensors adjust water quantity to match the amount of laundry and how soiled the clothes are. The automatic water temperature control feature increases energy efficiency in washers. Some washer and dryer models are fitted with anti-allergy and sanitization features that can be easily activated to remove pet hair, dust and other allergens in clothing.

The best dryers are fitted with moisture sensors, which turn off the machine once the clothes are dry. This feature conserves energy and protects clothing from wear. Modern washers and dryers are fitted with noise-reduction features that reduce the amount of noise produced while the machine is running.

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