How Do You Find Washer/dryer Deals?


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According to Consumer Reports, tips for finding deals for washers and dryers include looking for deals online, choosing less expensive models, and negotiating for the best price. It is also helpful to factor long-term energy savings into the cost of the washer and dryer; a slightly more expensive set of appliances may end up costing less over the long run.

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Appliance manufacturers and retailers frequently offer sales and rebates on specific models. The government-backed Energy Star program often offers rebates on energy efficient washers that are good across several brands. In addition, some manufacturers offer outlet websites on which they sell discontinued or overstocked models. If buying an appliance online, make sure to factor shipping costs in to the total expense.

Consumer reviews are a good place to find suggestions of brands and models that are highly rated yet less expensive. Research specific low-cost models to find the reliability, quality and features required. When shopping at an appliance store, be prepared to negotiate the price downward. Many retailers are willing to haggle over price; some that won't budge on price may be willing to provide discounted or free delivery or installation.

Look for the Energy Star label to find a washer or dryer certified to use less energy than other models. Research to determine whether the savings on electricity and water over time balance out the higher cost of a particular model.

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