How Do You Wash Windows Without Streaks?


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Use a mixture with equal parts of water and vinegar when cleaning windows to get the best streak-free shine, according to HowStuffWorks. This low-cost cleaner removes dirt and grime and is easy to make in a pinch. Spray the mixture liberally onto windows, and wipe them clean with a lint-free implement such as a microfiber cloth, squeegee or newspaper.

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How Do You Wash Windows Without Streaks?
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HowStuffWorks recommends using a dry rag or microfiber cloth to buff away any streaks that remain after cleaning. Avoid using excessive soap even in the case of extremely dirty windows. Soap often leaves residue behind that contributes to a streaky finish. If soap is required to clean a stain, use only a very small amount mixed into a cleaning solution. In most cases, this is not necessary to clean windows.

HowStuffWorks recommends avoiding the use of paper towels for cleaning windows because they leave lint behind. Newsprint is the most effective tool for buffing and cleaning windows. Wear gloves when using newsprint because the ink comes off on the hands when the paper is wet. If streaks are still present after following these tips, the water used is often at fault. Use distilled water for cleaning solutions, especially in the case of hard water.

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