How Do You Wash Whites?

How Do You Wash Whites?

To wash whites, separate them from all other laundry, pick a laundry detergent, and add it to the washing machine as directed. Put the whites in the washing machine, start the wash cycle, dry them accordingly, and fold or hang. The difficulty level of this task is easy.

  1. Separate the laundry

    Separate all of the whites from the other laundry. Do not wash whites with colored garments. This helps prevent color bleeding. Check labels for hand-wash only garments, and carefully wash those by hand.

  2. Select a laundry detergent

    Select a laundry detergent, and follow the instructions regarding when and how to add it to the washing machine.

  3. Treat stains

    Choose an oxygen-based bleach, and treat all stains. Read the container to see if additional bleach should be added to the load.

  4. Load laundry into washer

    Load the whites into the washing machine one garment at a time, so that the machine is loaded evenly. Do not overload the washing machine, or the load of laundry may not come completely clean.

  5. Start the washer

    Adjust the settings to match your needs, and start the machine. For linens and towels, a hot wash and cold rinse can help kill germs. For all other garments, a cold wash and cold rinse may help extend the life of the garments.