How Do You Wash Walls?

How Do You Wash Walls?

To wash walls, dust them, then fill one bucket with clean, warm water and another bucket with a mixture of liquid dish soap and water. Wash the walls using a white sponge, then dry them with cleaning cloths.

  1. Dust the walls

    Use a lamb's wool duster to remove dust, dirt and debris from the walls.

  2. Prepare the buckets

    Fill one 5-gallon bucket with warm water. Fill another 5-gallon bucket with one-half cup of liquid dish soap and 4 gallons of warm water. Mix the soap into the water thoroughly.

  3. Wash the walls

    Dip a white or natural-colored sponge into the soapy water. Squeeze the sponge to remove excess water. Starting from an area near the floor, wash the wall using small circular motions. Use the sponge to blot soapy water that runs down the wall. Clean the sponge periodically in the bucket without the soap. Clean one wall at a time, avoiding the areas around outlets and switches. Place a cleaning cloth over an outlet or a switch to prevent water from dripping on it.

  4. Dry the walls

    Finish each wall in one cleaning session. Use cleaning cloths to dry each wall immediately after you wash it to prevent the appearance of wash marks.