How Do You Wash a ShamWow?

wash-shamwow Credit: anirudhkoul/CC-BY-2.0

ShamWows are machine washable as well as bleachable. ShamWows can wash, dry and polish any surface and are considered to be a chamois, which is a towel and a sponge all in one. As of 2014, ShamWows can be ordered at the official website for $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

This offer includes four large and four small ShamWows. The ShamWow mop also comes with this offer for an additional processing fee of $7.95. ShamWows come with a ten-year warranty. They are made in Germany. ShamWows do not scatch any surfaces and can be used as a personal or pet towel as well as a cleaning rag for boats, cars and household items.