How Do You Wash a North Face Jacket?

Clean a North Face Gore-Tex jacket using a washing machine with mild laundry detergent, then machine-dry the jacket. However, you must take a North Face down jacket to a specialist in cleaning down. If a local specialist isn't available, the company provides cleaning services.

  1. Wash the jacket

    Close all of the hook-and-loop fasteners on the jacket prior to washing, and then close all zippers. Wash the jacket using a mild, powdered laundry detergent in a washing machine. Set the machine to the gentle cycle, and choose cold water for the wash.

  2. Rinse the jacket

    Rinse the jacket in a washing machine twice using cold water. This ensures no soap residue lingers on the jacket that might interfere with its ability to cause water to bead up and shed.

  3. Dry the jacket

    Place the jacket in a clothes dryer at a low temperature. Run the jacket through the unit until dry.

  4. Revive the DWR coating

    Substitute warm water for washing the jacket when the fabric no longer beads and sheds water. Rinse twice, and then dry in a clothes dryer on medium setting. Iron the entire outside of the garment with a warm iron on steam setting to revive the durable water-repellent coating. For added effectiveness, spray the outside of the garment with a DWR spray to renew the coating.