How Do You Wash Net Curtains?


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To clean net curtains, remove them gently from the window and inspect them for wear and tear. Place them in the washing machine and fill it with warm water. Add detergent according to the size of the curtains, and let them soak for about 25 minutes. Wash them in gentle machine cycle. If hand washing, use a large sink or bathtub and washing powder.

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When washing net curtains, pay more attention to the hems and their lowest parts where dirt and dust build up. Highly delicate net curtains should not be washed by machine. If they have spots, a gentle brush should be used. Net curtains should not be washed with other items because they may be snagged by zips and get torn.

Add baking soda if the net curtains have odor from cigarette smoke. While washing the curtains, the detergent should be mixed well with water and they should be submerged fully. If hand washing, remove dirt with gentle rubbing. After washing, drain the dirty water from the sink or birth tub and replace it with cool water for rinsing. The curtains should be rinsed at least twice in order to remove all dirt and detergent. Finally, wring excess water from the curtains and hang them on the drying line.

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