How Do You Wash Fieldcrest Charisma Towels?

How Do You Wash Fieldcrest Charisma Towels?

Care for your Fieldcrest Charisma towels by sorting them out from other clothes, washing like colors together, minimizing detergent use, moving them to drying promptly and avoiding overdrying. Doing all of these protects the color, softness and longevity of your towels.

  1. Sort laundry correctly

    Since they need a little extra care, always wash towels separately from other laundry. Also, sort by color to minimize bleeding from the dark towels. White towels should be washed separately from colors so they stay bright and do not get grungy.

  2. Load towels into machine

    Keep your loads of towels small to medium sized. Putting too many towels in your machine makes it harder for the detergent to dissolve and get fully rinsed out.

  3. Add quality detergent and vinegar if desired

    Use less detergent than recommended for your towels. Detergent build-up is one of the primary reasons towels get stiff. Every few washes, or every time if you want, wash your towels with a cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener dispenser. The vinegar helps remove any detergent that has built up in the fibers. It also restores the towel's ability to absorb water.

  4. Move towels to drier or line dry

    Towels mildew quickly if left wet in the washing machine. Do not overload the dryer. If there are too many towels in the dryer at the same time, the towels do not fluff enough and are not at maximum softness. If possible, avoid using fabric softener because it coats the fibers of the towels and prevents absorption. If softener is necessary, use as little as possible.

  5. Remove towels promptly from drier

    Over-drying your towels breaks down the fluffy fibers, and the towels do not last as long. Dry at a low heat setting until completely dry. If possible, let your towels dry in the air to prolong their useful life.