How Do You Wash a Down Comforter at Home?


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To wash a down comforter at home, place it in a washing machine with mild detergent, wash it with an extra rinse cycle and dry it on your dryer's lowest heat setting. This procedure takes several hours and requires a large-capacity washing machine, mild laundry detergent, a large clothes dryer, a strong light and a can of tennis balls.

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  1. Load the washing machine

    Put the comforter in large-capacity washing machine, and add mild detergent. Use a small amount to avoid damaging the feathers.

  2. Wash and rinse the comforter

    Wash the comforter using the gentle setting. After the cycle ends, run the machine through an extra rinse cycle.

  3. Load the dryer

    Carefully remove the comforter from the washing machine, and load it into the dryer. Open a can of tennis balls, and put them in. The tennis balls help fluff the down as it dries.

  4. Dry the comforter

    Set the dryer on the lowest heat setting, and turn it on. When the dryer finishes the cycle, unpack the comforter, and inspect it. If it is still damp, put it back in the dryer, replace the tennis balls and run the machine again.

  5. Perform a light test

    Hold the comforter up to a strong light. If you see a lot of clumps, the feathers are still damp. Dry the feathers with another run through the clothes dryer.

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